Payroll Services

If you employ staff – even if it’s only you (as the director of your own limited company) – then you may need to be register as an employer.

We can advise on whether you need to register, help you with the registration process and operate a payroll service on your behalf.

As part of our payroll service we will:

  • Provide you with payslips for your employees
  • Inform you of their net pay and of the PAYE/NI liability due to HMRC
  • Make online submissions to HMRC in accordance with RTI requirements
  • Process P45s and P46s for new employees
  • Issue P45s for leavers
  • Provide end of year P60s for staff

If you are a contractor then we also have experience of dealing with the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and can assist in the completion of CIS vouchers and monthly and annual Returns.

This service is aimed at any business with up to 25 employees and prices start from as little as £10 per pay period.

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